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O I'm the girl that always goes to the kids section every time I go to rent a DVD.
O My favourite movie is Tangled.
O I just watched the Croods and cried when the cave was smashed.
O I cry a lot when something makes me happy.
O I also cry when I yawn.
O I'm scared of spiders, but if someone else is scared of them then suddenly I'm not.
O I still jump onto my bed after I turn the light off.
O I love playing the Sims but never seem to get past one generation before I make another.
O I'm a hopeless Romantic.
O I hate the sound of people chewing and love the sound of air conditioning during a summer night.
O I love the heat but my skin is too white and always burns so I am doomed to live in cold climates.
O I always raise my right eyebrow when I talk.
O I love talking to people and do it so much that I forget what I'm meant to be doing.
O I love the smell of sunscreen.
O I draw cartoons more than anything else.
O I'm most like Princess Belle.
O People used to say I looked like Anna Popplewell, who plays Susan in the Narnia Chronicles.
O I am in love with Ben Barnes. I would probably marry him on the spot if he asked.
O My dream is to go to France and walk the streets of Paris with a red beret and matching lipstick.
O I want to be a Character Development artist at Disney or Pixar, or Dreamworks, or anywhere that will have me.
O And I'm going to keep trying until I get there.
O I want to draw for the rest of my life.
O I'm so blessed to know what Jesus is my best friend and drawing is a gift that brings me... and hopefully others... so much joy.


Ross Poldark Pencil Drawing + Tutorial by nataliebeth
Ross Poldark Pencil Drawing + Tutorial
Haven't had the chance to do any drawings lately! But I worked on this one for a proportions tutorial which can be found on the Crafty Crusaders Blog:…

Btw, Poldark is an amazing show!

Used: B and 4B pencil
Time: 3 Hours

Features of Followers and Friends!

Journal Entry: Tue Oct 28, 2014, 5:23 PM

Hello all you beautiful friends of mine,

I have been so inspired and loved by you all and decided I really wanted to send a little love back so I've been putting it out there to get you guys to send me your favourite stuff so I can get to know you all. I'd love it if you could comment on each others stuff! It would be so sweet! :la:

So here we go!

#1 :iconkonan224:
Chibi commission example by Konan224
The artist said "I like this art because it was a collab and its sooo cute!!"
Me: I love Collabs! The linework in this is beautiful and the pose looks like she was caught in the moment, you have a beautiful delicateness. Paired with the colouring from your friend, I think you've done such a remarkable job! Keep it up! :heart:

#2 :iconzoogrrl:
Peaceful Dreams by zoogrrl
The artist said "I like this picture because it is the first time I've ever really been able to capture an 'atmosphere'"
Me: I've always believed that imagination is much harder than what most people think, to be able to conjure up something that has never exsisted in the same way before is such a talent.  Therefore I have huge admiration for you and your work, I can't wait to see what you do next. :)

#3 :iconforevangel23:
Raealyndys by forevangel23
The artist said "I adore this piece because it--to me--is a landmark of how I'm improving in my artwork. It's the only thing that keeps me going is looking back and seeing my progress.  =]"
Me: Nothing is more of a confidence boost than seeing improvement in your work. I think this is just fantastic, knowing first hand how long the process is of creating your own original work, I think you've done a marvellous job. The shadowing and highlights are fantastic and the beautiful background ties the piece together perfectly. :)

#4 :iconpurpleily:
OC - March by Purpleily
The artist said "This is my most recent and I'm quite happy how it turned out! Everything fit nicely and I'm glad C:"
Me: Wow, drawing animals is by far one of the hardest things, and I think you did a fantastic job of this piece. I love the mane and horns, you captured a great sense of movement. And the expressions is just gorgeous. I think you should be so proud of yourself!

#5 :iconmimmime:
Steampunk Nanine by mimmime
The artist said "Maybe this one...Sweating a little..."
Me: There's no need to be shy, this is wonderful! The colour, pose, movement and scene fit together so amazingly. I think it's an absolute treasure because the more you look at it, the more prominent and wonderful the details become. The arm on the right has amazing colour and is so detailed, amazing job!

#6 :iconkupieckorzenny:

Cassandra Pentaghast by KupiecKorzenny

The artist said "I consider it my best work, I managed to break out of my comfort zone (portrait), make a dynamic composition and deal with lighting."
Me: YAY! I love breaking out of comfort zones, they are incredibly frustrating drawings to start, but I find you are so incredibly satisfied at the end because you have taken the "bull by the horns" and faced it down. I think the colour and lighting in this piece is phenomenal. The pose and expression really capture the sense of life. The addition of the glow behind her also accentuates that movement. Reading that you took someones advice and made improvements is the making of a great artist!

#7 :iconkaterock777:
TLK Kiara and her fist hunt by KateROCK66 by KateROCK777
The artist said "It's, I think, my best work....before...:) (Smile)"
Me: Okay, so as one of Disney's biggest fans, I just adore this piece. Mainly because I love how you have captured their trademark, detailed background simple character approach. The detail and texture in the background allows Kiara to "pop" because you are drawn to her. I honestly thought this was a Disney original. Amazing job girl!

#8 :iconjustsilvia:
Liv the quarter-demon by JustSilvia
The artist said "Maybe this one? It's my best art done just for myself. It took me A LOT of time and effort, and surprisingly it came out really good. (Usually it happens that what I've done in a few hours is better than what I've done in a few weeks >_<) Moreover, it's made mostly thanks to your tutorial about digital painting in Gimp :D (Big Grin)"
Me: The shading in this just blows my mind, it looks so realistic! I love the textures and the shadows and can totally see why this would be a favourite! I can see the hours that you spent on this and his you have captured her perfectly. Those wings are incredible too! What a future you have! I wish I could see the process of creating this. :)

#9 :iconcolomapoppy:
For The Dancing And Dreaming by ColomaPoppy
The artist didn't supply a deviation, so I picked one myself.
Me: I love couples, and this one is just perfect. I love the intensity of connection between the two as they look into each other's eyes. The colour and details which pay homage to the films mean you have really spent a lot of time thinking and putting this together. Amazing job and colours!

#10 :iconshalimahon:
Silence the Harp by ShaliMahon
The artist said "This is one of my pieces that I struggled with, but has one of my favorite outcomes."
Me: Woohoo! Another case of persisting with a piece when more than likely at times you wanted to just abandon it. These pieces have a beautiful story. I think the scene is so well thought out and the little figure looking down is perfect. The gaze of the woman toward the viewer makes a strong connection and on a techincal level the painting is just so smooth and the shadows are consistent and beautiful. Well done!

11# :iconkunoichi-anime-angel:
XNFE by kunoichi-anime-angel
The artist said "I like this one because... She's my favorite BRS the Game Character and I thought she was adorable~"
Me: When I first saw this piece it reminded me a lot of the style of leejun35 the smoothness of those stokes and the pose is just gorgeous. I personally love the coloured version, the highlights just make it pop and her expression is really perplexing, makes you wonder what she is thinking. I am so impressed, please continue making your wonderful art!

#12 :iconryantheflyinlion:
Harley by ryantheflyinlion
The artist said "I just finished this Harley Quinn Drawing. Tell me what ya think! I like it because I taught myself how to use textures for the first time."
Me: Let me just saw, drawing poses with that level of perspective is not easy at all and you've done such a brilliant job and created your own unique take on the sassy character. I just adore those legs and the shading has really made your work so refined and unique. The expression on her face is one of deviousness and almost like she knows something we don't... awesome!

#13 : :iconsquirrelgirl15:
Romeo and Juliet by SquirrelGirl15
The artist said she love this piece because "because I had so much fun painting it and I've received a very positive response :) (Smile)"
Me: I loved this piece because it looks like a drawing that should belong in a book. The sweeping lines that you used to capture the pose capture the movement just wonderfully and the shading is so delicate and realistic. I loved that you kept the background white, it allowed the piece to really be lifted off the page. You are an amazing artist!

#14 :iconequinelullaby:
OMG I DID IT.:HUMAN ART:. by EquineLullaby
The artist said "its the first successful person ive ever drawn and im just really proud of it!"
Me: That's such a fantastic reason to love it! Drawing people and especially faces is so tricky because proportions are less flexible, so I think you've done a wonderful job! Furthermore, drawing the profile view of the face can be so tricky because your working with depth as well as proportion, and you've done an incredible job. The painting is amazing too! Keep it up!

#15 :iconjesusismybestie:
Fly by jesusismybestie
The artist didn't leave a comment.
Me: Sometimes we draw a picture just because it's fun, or appealing or a challenge, however sometimes, we create a work of art in response to a thought or quote. I love how you have made your own interpretation on that beautiful bible verse and the colours are so soft and heavenly. From one Christian to another I think you have done a wonderful job and I have no doube that Jesus would put it on his wall!

#16 :iconanimationobsessed:
Disney in the 90's by Animationobsessed
The artist said "I love this one because it was so much fun coming up where everyone would go and seeing how they'd interact!"
Me: I have the best watchers! This is such a precious piece! Putting it together so all the characters are interlaced and interacting with eachother in the scene is just so special. The colours and way you chose to draw it is so unique! You should be so proud of yourself, I would love to see this piece in real life!

#17 :iconshawneigh:
Raven by Shawneigh
The artist said "I'm a huge fan of Raven, so I decided to draw her!"
Me: Immediately when I saw this piece I really appreciated the fact that you incorporated the two mediums of pencil and digital together to create this. It gives it such character and I think you've coloured it so beautifully! I especially love those eyebrows- oh the expression! XD A beautiful job! Keep making your amazing art!

#18 :iconcassio-kenji:
Hiei fanart done by cassio-kenji
The artist said "Maybe because this one is really done."
Me: I just adore the colours in this. I love when people want to create a blue they use a whole array of colours and shades, including contrasting colours to make it "pop", very much like alicexz . The pose, colours, style and expression of the character is just beautiful, you should be really proud of this piece! I love the little lighthouse too! :heart:

#19 :iconshoyzzfanart:
SPEED PAINT - Dear Watson :3 by ShoyzzFanArt
The artist said "This is my favorite artwork :D (Big Grin) This was my first time trying a digital portrait with such details and this one made me realize that it is possible to do great things :) (Smile)"
Me: When I saw this piece I actually went and watched the accompanying youtube video. You did such a beautiful job crafting this piece. I knew immediately who it was when I first saw it and can safely say I am a bit partial to Watson. That was one of my nicknames at highschool! :giggle: The shading so smooth and brilliant!

#20 :iconberichan:
.Darkness in Light. Light in Darkness. by Berichan
The artist said "This is my favorite artwork so far, because it expresses a lot how do i feel. plus, i felt how did she told me to do the lines, choose the colours and everything. it's special for me because of the spiritual conection, to call it somehow."
Me: Berichan is one of my oldest friends here on DA and I have to say I have loved seeing you grow as an artist on DA. This piece is so beautiful. The colours and textures and especially the expression are beautiful.The way she is reaching out to us really makes you think about the title of this artwork. Such a fine job my lovely friend! :heart:

#21 :iconteehee111:
RedditGetsDrawn - u/newchuck by teehee111
The artist said "One of my first promarker pictures and I'm really proud of the colouring. Plus the person I drew it for loved it."
Me: I have recently expanded my art into the world of markers and I think this is just beautiful. You really captured that beautiful expression and the shading makes it really feel like they are really peering through the hole. I can see you have amazing potential in this area. Keep it up!

That's all folks! Thanks for taking a look! Please go and give these wonderful artists some love! They have done an amazing job!

And thanks so much for being a part of my journey too, I turned 20 last Friday and can't believe how fast the years have gone since I was 14 and did my first proper pencil drawing.

So much love for everyone. :hug:

(I'm pretty sure I featured everyone who submitted a piece, if, however I have missed yours, please let me know and ill add it in!)

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  • Reading: Marian Keyes!
  • Watching: The Time
  • Playing: Sims 4
  • Eating: Lindt Birthday Chocolate!

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